What Levy’s can do for you

High complexity, precision component machining. 

Prototypes through to production runs.



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Who We Are

We pride ourselves in fine workmanship, high quality and attention to detail. We have the size and capacity to accommodate everything from prototype machining through to production runs, and specialize in producing precision machined components, including high complexity, tight tolerance and exotic materials such as austenitic stainless steel and Beryllium Copper.  Levy's is focused on providing a high level of customer service and always appreciates an opportunity to quote on your machining requirements.   ...


Levy’s has a conveniently located 10,000 square foot facility within the Foothills Industrial are that is equipped with the latest technology the machining industry has to offer. Our modern and versatile equipment allows us to be precise and competitive in meeting our customers' every need. We also have outstanding working relationships with other manufacturing and service businesses in the local area, which enables us to offer and manage processes that we may not have in-house.   ...


We will provide you with a free quote on a project proposal at any time. We will accurately calculate what is required to meet your need and offer you a realistic but extremely competitive estimate of price and lead time. We are also happy to discuss any detail or concerns you may have - our forte is often achieving what can initially seem unachievable! Either complete the following fields, and include a drawing, including dimensions, of the component you would like to manufacture, or e-mail us at info@levysmachineworks.com. ...

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