Levy’s has a conveniently located 10,000 square foot facility within the Foothills Industrial are that is equipped with the latest technology the machining industry has to offer. Our modern and versatile equipment allows us to be precise and competitive in meeting our customers’ every need. We also have outstanding working relationships with other manufacturing and service businesses in the local area, which enables us to offer and manage processes that we may not have in-house.


The equipment Levy’s has at its disposal:

Mazak Slant Turn 550 Turning Center

  • Up to 36″ diameter (10.5″ through the spindle) x 120″ long
Two – Haas VF-6 Machining Centers

  • 64in x 30in capacity
Haas VF-3 4-axis Machining Center

  • 40in x 20in x 20in capacity
Mazak Quick Turn 30 Turning Center

  • 12in diameter x 39in long
Mazak Nexus 250 MSY Turn/Mill Center

  • 10 inch Diameter x 20 in Long c/w Y Axis and Sub Spindle
Nexus 510 Matrix 4 Axis Machining Center

  • 40 inch x 20 inch x 20 inch capacity
Two – Nexus 250 2-axis Turning Centers

  • 14in diameter x 19in long
Nexus 350 Turning Center

  • 16in diameter x 60in long
Nexus 510 4-axis Machining Center

  • 40in x 20in x 20in capacity
17 in x 72 in Conventional Lathe
21 in x 120 in Conventional Mazak Lathe
Eldorado M-75 Deep Hole Gun Drilling Machine Capacity .055 in diameter to 1 in diameter x 56 in deep
12 in x 72 in Vertical / Horizontal Milling Machine

As well as:

  • CAD & CAM system
  • Mitutoyo LH-600E Linear height Gauge
  • 12 inch Automatic Bandsaw
  • 300 amp Welder
  • 300 amp Mig/Tig Welder
  • 5000 lb Forklift
  • Automatic Parts Washer
  • 1 Ton Flack Deck Truck for local delivery and pick-up

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