Successfully Holding the Helm for 35 Years



The pressures currently being felt by businesses, particularly machine shops, serving Alberta’s oil patch are nothing new to Calgary-based Levy’s Machine Works. Indeed, shortly after the business was founded, 35 years ago this year, Canada’s government announced the National Energy Program. The program sought to guarantee the supply and price of Canadian natural gas and oil, to increase Canadian ownership and control of the petroleum industry, and to gain a greater share of energy revenues.The outcome at the time was high unemployment, double digit interest rates and inflation.


However, increased efforts and creative thinking back then enabled Levy’s to weather that particular storm and the experience gained in such difficult times, and the resulting ability to focus on what’s really important, has stood the company in good stead ever since.


Over the past three and half decades the business has grown to become a full service machine shop and precision components business that can provide everything from prototypes through production runs, to assemblies, engineering design and fully integrated manufacturing solutions. Moreover, Levy’s has earned a reputation among its customers for an unrivalled level of customer service and its ability to regularly take on the type of complex and challenging jobs other shops tend to shy away from.


Today though, as many in Alberta’s oil and gas sector work to stay alive and thrive, Levy’s Machine Works is more firmly focused than ever on continually improving its ability to provide a cost-effective, efficient and quality service to its many customers. More than ever, the business recognizes the importance of contributing to its customers’ success in also surviving these turbulent times by fully understanding their requirement and offering an uncompromising attention to cost, quality and delivery. The philosophy being ‘we are all in this boat together’.


This is what differentiates Levy’s from other machine shops: not just the high level of skills and manufacturing technologies employed, or even the unique attention to detail and quality. But the ability to step up to serve the long term interests of its customers in the most challenging of times, not just when things are good. …after all, anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.


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